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With the IT sector making rapid strides and ease of availability faster communication tools in hands of health professional, WHO-CC at AIIMS has taken a unique initiative to make available Evidence Based Practices on Newborn Health for various levels of healthcare professionals for Continuous Professionals Development (CPD)/ continuing medical education. These should not be viewed as courses giving license to health professionals to practice neonatology. Unskilled health professionals do more harm rather than providing good quality care and we at WHO-CC AIIMS are not responsible for any harm or damage to patients, staff, care given or equipments resulting from misinterpretation or misuse of these resource materials.


Audiovisual podcast on neonatal equipments used in SCNU


Proper use of neonatal equipments, their maintenance & upkeep add value to clinical care for successful outcome of sick neonates. Keeping this in mind at AIIMS - WHO CC, we have created learning tool for common neonatal equipments . Doing demonstration after viewing audio visual podcast is equally important for proper understanding and we encourage everyone to read supporting text materials , operators manual , read FAQ's and answer the MCQ' at the end . Each equipment must have a job aid for trouble shooting and upkeep.


Glimpse of equipment module

A. Oxygen concentrator

B. Weighing scale
C. Infusion pump
D. Radiant warmer
E. Pulse oximeter
F. Photherapy machine
G. Resuscitation bag
H. Glucometer
I. Suction Machine
J. Donor Milk Banking