Webinars on Essential/Sick Newborn Care 2012-13.

Webinars on Essential Newborn Care

These are based on current best available evidence based practices.


The resource materials have undergone pilot testing at eight medical/nursing schools in India. Feedback and suggestions from students and teachers have been incorporated. Our aim is to create uniform standardized tool for undergraduate medical education in the country. For this, ten top most lecturers in the country have created these lectures for virtual learning. This tool would be value addition to learning if supplemented with skill demonstration. Webinars can't replace a good teacher who is always available for continuous interaction with the students for clarification of doubts. We are delighted to share the first edition of these learning resource materials. We hope to disseminate these throughout SE Asia region in times ahead using a suitable online platform.  

STP's have undergone pilot testing among postgraduate medical students. The feedback suggested has been incorporated. We would welcome suggestions for further improvement.


  1. Newborn Health in India - Dr. Vinod Paul
  2. Care of baby at birth (1 hour) - Dr. Jyoti Sareen
  3. Routine care of newborn - Dr. Manju Vatsa
  4. Hypothermia in newborn - Dr. Swarna Rekha
  5. Kangaroo Mother Care - Dr. Rekha Udani
  6. Management of LBW baby - Dr. Siddharth Ramji
  7. Feeding of Healthy Newborn Baby - Dr. J. Kumutha
  8. Examination of Newborn - Dr. Anu Thukral
  9. Feeding of LBW baby - Dr. Ramesh Agarwal
  10. Basic resuscitation of newborn - Dr. Ashok Deorari




Webinars on Sick Newborn Care.


Webinars on Sick Newborn Care are developed to meet the needs of healthcare providers working in small hospitals/Level-II special care units. These are prepared by a team of experts on a voluntary basis for a wide dissemination of evidence-based practices. These will complement our ongoing endeavour on essential newborn care for better management of sick neonates.


  1. Neonatal sepsis - Dr. Praveen Kumar
  2. Neonatal jaundice - Dr. Srinivas Murki
  3. Danger signs in newborn - Dr. Arun Singh
  4. Respiratory distress in newborn - Dr. Suman Rao
  5. Neonatal Seizures - Dr. Jeeva Sankar
  6. Hypoglycemia in Newborn - Dr. Amit Upadhyay
  7. Anemia in newborn - Dr. Harish Chellani
  8. Shock in newborn - Dr. Deepak Chawla
  9. Monitoring of sick newborn - Dr. Sandeep Kadam
  10. Retinopathy of prematurity - Dr. Ruchi N. Nanavati
  11. Neonatal Transport - Dr. Rhishikesh Thakre
  12. Neurodevelopment Screening and follow up pf at-risk neonates - Dr. Naveen Jain